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Welcome to The Southern Teach blog! I love sharing strategies and ideas with others! Here on the blog you’ll find a variety of tips and tools for upper elementary educators. Check out the recent posts or filter by category!

  • culture society skills

    7 Tips and Activity Ideas for Teaching Culture and Society Skills in Upper Elementary

    As teachers, we play a crucial role in helping students appreciate and learn about diverse celebrations, customs, traditions, and the contributions of people to society through art, science, music, and… Read more

  • history skills

    6 Engaging Tips and Activity Ideas for Teaching History Skills in Upper Elementary

    Need some ideas on how to teach history skills to your 3rd-5th grade students? You’re in the right place! In this article, I’ll share tips and activity ideas to make… Read more

  • geography skills

    8 Tips and Activity Ideas for Teaching Geography Skills in Upper Elementary Students

    Geography is more than just learning about maps; it’s about understanding how our world works and how people fit within it. Teaching geography to third, fourth, and fifth graders lays… Read more

  • memorable teaching moments

    6 Memorable Teaching Moments and Lessons Learned From Them

    As the school year winds down, many teachers find themselves reflecting on their experiences, thinking about what went well and what didn’t, and questioning their career path. In this blog… Read more

  • novel studies

    Using Novel Studies to Teach Social Studies for Upper Elementary

    If you’re an ELA and a social studies teacher or you teach ALL the subjects, it can be a little tricky trying to find the time to teach social studies.… Read more

  • using journal prompts

    Tips and Ideas for Using Journal Prompts in Social Studies

    In the world of elementary education, finding ways to seamlessly include social studies in lessons can be tough. But, there’s a powerful tool teachers can use: journaling. Journal prompts offer… Read more

  • big mistakes

    4 Teacher Mistakes to Avoid: Lessons Learned from an Educator

    Have you ever felt that you’re just not up to par with all those teachers on social media? They seem to always be doing everything right and are picture-perfect? Can… Read more

  • teaching 20th century

    24 Engaging Activity Ideas to Teach Students About the 20th Century

    One of my favorite social studies topics to teach to upper elementary students is about all of the events that happened during the 20th century. It’s packed with cultural shifts,… Read more

  • social studies fun

    5 Ways to Make Social Studies Fun

    It seems rare to say that we can make upper elementary social studies fun – it’s hard to find the time to teach social studies in the first place! But… Read more

  • test prep tips

    16 Easy Test Prep Tips for 2024

    State testing, whether we love it or hate it, is inevitable. While people may have varying opinions about standardized tests, it is important to get students prepared to take required… Read more

  • timelines

    6 Easy Tips to Teaching and Using Timelines in Social Studies

    Timelines are a crucial text feature, especially during this time of the year. In this blog post from The Social Studies Teacher Podcast, I’ll share six practical tips for teaching… Read more

  • current events

    Effectively Teaching Current Events in 5 Minutes or Less

    Sometimes current events pop up during the school year that are both expected and unexpected. It could be the talk of the town and hard to ignore when your students… Read more

  • famous people history

    8 Easy Steps to Teaching Historical Figures to Upper Elementary Students

    As we roll through the middle of the month and get ready for Valentine’s Day, let’s dive into something interesting—historical figures. Teaching about famous people in history is not only… Read more

  • black history

    3 Important Ways to Teach Black History All Year Long

    Have you considered sharing information about Black History with your students – not just in February, but throughout the year? During childhood, as an African American girl, I would always… Read more


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