4 Class Gift Ideas for End of the Year

By Kirsten Hammond

As the school year starts to come to an end, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of class gifts you want to give your students to show them how much you appreciate all the hard work they put in over the past year.

A class gift is a great way to mark the end of the year and leave students with a lasting memory of their time in your classroom!

Whether you opt for something personalized or practical, there are so many options for class gifts that will make your students feel valued.

From custom t-shirts to personalized journals, a thoughtful class gift is a way to thank your students for their dedication and hard work throughout the year.

Here are some of my favorite end-of-year classroom gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your students’ faces.

1. Summer Bucket Class Gift

If you’re looking for a little variety and you have the time to assemble some gifts, another great option is a summer bucket gift.

This is a fun way to get your students excited for their summer break, and it’s a gift that will come in handy on those hot summer days.

Fill a sandcastle bucket with summer essentials like sunglasses, bubbles, and chalk that you can find at your local Party City! Your students will be thrilled to receive these gifts and they’ll be able to use them all summer long.

2. Boutique Class Gift

If you have it in your budget and you see a cute gift to buy for your class – by all means, go for it!

In the Spring of 2021 I had a small class of 18 students. I was also super tired and did not have the time to assemble a gift for my kiddos. So I ordered a cute sensory gift from Young Wild and Friedman! This is a unique and fun gift that my students enjoyed.

end of year gift 1

The yummy smelling dough was paired with little ocean-themed toys like seahorses, sharks, and starfish. My students had a blast creating their own little underwater worlds with these gifts.

You can actually order these sensory jars online because they ship to all 50 states! 

end of year gift 2

3. Write a Letter to Each of Your Students

If you want to make your gift even more personal, consider writing out a heartfelt letter to each of your students.

This can be a great way to let them know how much you appreciate them and how proud you are of their hard work throughout the year.

Whether you choose to write it by hand or type it out, your students will treasure these letters for years to come.

4. Photo with Teacher Class Gift

This one is one of my absolute favorites. All it takes is a camera, a teacher friend, your class, and some scrapbooking items at your local craft store!

photo with student

Have your colleague take photos with you sitting or standing with each of your students (individually). Print off the pictures and decorate with some scrapbooking paper and fun stickers.

I did this in my first few years of teaching as a Kinder teacher and my students talked about this gift years later!

classroom gift students

No matter what kind of gift you choose to give your students, make sure it’s something that comes from the heart.

The end of the school year can be a busy and emotional time, but taking the time to show your students how much you care will be a moment they’ll never forget.

Whether you splurge on it, keep it budget-friendly, or DIY it for free, send them off on their summer break feeling appreciated and loved.

kirsten hammond

Kirsten is a former 3rd and 5th grade teacher who loves helping upper elementary teachers by creating resources and sharing ideas that are engaging, research-based, and TEKS-aligned. She is a work-from-home mama of 3 rambunctious little ones and loves running, true crime, and lots of coffee.

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