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5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum – Economic Activities in the United States

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Are you an upper elementary teacher looking to find a quality TEKS-aligned resource that targets economic activities in the United States, past and present? Looking for minimal-prep and engaging lessons and activities to teach social studies concepts to your 5th-grade students? Look no further!


Unit 11 of the Smart and Simple Social Studies Guided U.S. History Curriculum is about Economic Activities in the United States. The unit covers the basics, characteristics, and benefits of the Free Enterprise System, as well is the impact of supply and demand on industry, agriculture, and the plantation system. Students will also learn about work patterns in the 5 regions of the United States, various effects of immigration and migration on the U.S. economy, and the effects of mass production, specialization, and division of labor.


This 3-week unit includes lesson plans, guided notes, practice activities, exit tickets, a project, unit assessment, and more. Each lesson includes slideshows in both PowerPoint and Google Slides, as well as student digital activities of the notes, practice activities, exit tickets, project, and unit assessment.


This unit primarily correlates to the current TEKS 5th-grade Social Studies standards (adopted in 2018). It includes EVERYTHING you need to teach Economics in the United States – just print & go!


This unit covers the following topics:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Free Enterprise System
  • Lesson 2: Characteristics and Benefits of the Free Enterprise System
  • Lesson 3: Development of the Free Enterprise System
  • Lesson 4: Impact of Supply and Demand
  • Lesson 5: Impact of Supply and Demand on Industry and Agriculture
  • Lesson 6: Economy of the U.S. Regions
  • Lesson 7: Geographic Factors of Economic Activities
  • Lesson 8: U.S. Economy Effects – Immigration and Migration
  • Lesson 9: Mass Production, Specialization, and Division of Labor
  • Lesson 10: Economics in the United States Review




What’s included in this resource?

  • 3-week pacing guide and overview
  • Scope and Sequence
  • 10 teacher lesson plan guides
  • 9 non-editable slideshows (Google Drive & PPT versions)
  • 1 editable slideshow review game
  • Guided notes for Lessons 1-9 (2 versions: fill-in-the-blank and highlighted words)
  • 9 practice activities
  • 10 exit tickets
  • Digital and full-color versions of student activities
  • Unit Project
  • Unit Assessment
  • Answer keys for all student activities


What makes this Guided Social Studies Curriculum Smart and Simple?

✅ The social studies daily lessons and activities are bite-sized and can easily be implemented in 30-45 minutes.

✅ The social studies curriculum is TEKS-aligned (for Texas) but is still flexible enough to use in any order or with any state curriculum.

✅ Each social studies unit has everything you need to simply teach social studies – easy-to-follow lesson plans, guided notes, practice activities, exit tickets, and more!


It’s everything you need to implement engaging social studies lessons that students love and teachers enjoy (because it’s comprehensive and easy to prep)!

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