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Natural Resources Powerpoint Review Game

Elevate student engagement with this natural resources slideshow mystery game! Designed for the beginning of a natural resources unit or as a review before a test, students use the clues to identify various resources, sparking discussions on renewable and non-renewable distinctions and real-world applications.
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Engage or prep your students with a natural resources slideshow mystery game for the beginning of a natural resources unit or as a review before a test on natural resources!

Students receive a set of clues for each mystery resource and must guess the natural resource, discuss characteristics and differences between renewable and non-renewable resources, and discuss real-world products made from the natural resources.

This product includes:

  • Suggestions for Use
  • 19-page PPT Slideshow with real photographs of each resource: soil, sun, tree, gold, wind, gasoline, fish, cotton, coal
  • Set of clues and definition for each resource
  • Handout to use with review game
  • Guided questions to discuss natural resource characteristics
  • PNG files of each slideshow to upload to distance learning platforms

Complete this activity as a whole group or assign the slideshow in a distance learning platform so students can work on it in pairs or independently!


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