9 Personality Types of Students You Should Know About (and How to Support Them All)

By Kirsten Hammond

How do you spend your free time after school? Maybe you are the adventurous type and head to your local rock-climbing gym. Maybe you go on an evening stroll listening to your favorite podcast after dinner.

We all have hobbies and interests that make us unique. Your students are the same way!

Each individual in your classroom has their own unique personality traits, abilities, and learning styles. Here are the nine types of students you should know about that might be in your classroom (virtual or face-to-face).

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1. The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist is always wanting to be good and do things the right way. They may worry about being wrong or getting in trouble. You may see them feel at ease when given step-by-step directions.

2. The People-Pleaser

The People-Pleaser is always helpful, caring, and generous. They may worry about being not wanted and enjoy a smaller-sized classroom.

3. The Role Model

The Role Model wants to be successful and loves to be the center of attention. They may worry about failing and thrive on a visible and tangible reward system.

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4. The Creative

The Creative is unique and deeply introspective. They sometimes worry about being too plain. They enjoy projects where their creativity can shine.

5. The Thinker

The Thinker is curious and is wanting to know and learn as much as possible. They might worry about being helpless and learn best when working independently

6. The Skeptic

The Skeptic wants to be supported and secure and sometimes worries about being uncertain. They thrive in a classroom where they can safely ask and answer questions without fear of judgment.

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7. The Life of the Party

The Life of the Party – or classroom – wants to be happy and is generally a very optimistic student. They may worry about being too bored and enjoy working at a faster pace.

8. The Go-Getter

The Go-Getter wants to be strong and is not afraid to challenge other students – or teachers! They might worry about being too controlled and work best in a classroom with fair class rules.

9. The Dreamer

The Dreamer wants to avoid arguments or conflict as much as possible. They may worry about people not getting along. They learn best in a peaceful and happy atmosphere.

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As you read each description, you were hopefully able to visualize some of your students. Maybe you even saw one that resonated with yourself!

While there are some commonalities, all types of students have their own distinct set of characteristics, needs, wants, worries, and best ways to learn.

While it may be daunting to try to cater to ALL types of students in your classroom, it can be done – and the results are SO rewarding.

I’ve created a guide that dives into each of these student types and explains the Enneagram theory that aligns perfectly with all of the students that may be on your roster. 

The Teacher’s Guide to Student Personality Types lays out for you an in-depth view of each personality type and ways you can support each of your students in your classroom and help them thrive.

Click HERE for more information to understanding personality types!

kirsten hammond

Kirsten is a former 3rd and 5th grade teacher who loves helping upper elementary teachers by creating resources and sharing ideas that are engaging, research-based, and TEKS-aligned. She is a work-from-home mama of 3 rambunctious little ones and loves running, true crime, and lots of coffee.

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