10 Must-Have Teacher Supplies for the Upper Elementary Classroom

By Kirsten Hammond

What are your favorite teacher supplies? In this blog post, I want to share with you some of my favorite teacher supplies that I absolutely love using in the classroom.

As the new school year begins, it’s the perfect time to get everything in order before your students arrive. These handy items will not only help you stay organized, but it will also make your teaching experience more enjoyable and engaging. So, let’s dive right in!

1. Teacher Lanyard

One of the teacher supplies I couldn’t live without was my trusty teacher lanyard. I always had it around me, making sure I had my card keys, wallet, and teacher ID badge readily accessible.

I used a colorful handmade lanyard from a lanyard designer named Alesia Makes, but you can find great options on Amazon as well.

If you prefer not to wear a lanyard around your neck, you can opt for a clip-on version attached to a stretchy string. It’s essential for easy access to your essential items throughout the day.

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2. Flair Pens

When it comes to writing and grading, I’m a flair pen girl! I find these teacher supplies much more enjoyable to use than regular pens because of the way they feel on paper. Plus, they come in various colors, which brightens up students’ papers – and makes the grading process more fun!

I’ve almost always avoided using red pens for grading, as it may carry negative connotations in some cultures. Flair pens are a fantastic alternative for adding color and vibrancy to your work.

flair pens notebooks

3. Full Focus Planner

The Full Focus Planner is a game-changer in my life. I wish I had it when I was teaching because it helps you prioritize your daily tasks and focus on your three most important things for the day.

It’s an all-in-one planner that integrates your job-related tasks, home chores, and family events seamlessly.

Created by Michael Hyatt, this planner is highly recommended for anyone looking to boost productivity and stay organized.

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4. Post-It Notes

Simple yet incredibly versatile, Post-It Notes are a must-have for any teacher. Use them for reminders, notes to students, and even as a thoughtful gesture during the first week of school!

Here’s a fun idea: write a kind sentence or two about each student on a Post-It Note and place it on their desks. It’s a lovely way to connect with your students and brighten their day.

Additionally, you can label Post-Its for organizing master copies or important materials.

post it flair

5. Mr. Sketch Markers

Mr. Sketch Markers are an absolute essential for creating anchor charts and engaging activities. These markers are fantastic for working with small groups and allowing students to use them as well.

You can create a special caddy of art materials, including Mr. Sketch Markers, as a classroom reward. Not only are they practical, but they also have a delightful scent that adds an extra touch of fun!

6. Personal Laminator

A personal laminator is an invaluable tool for small projects and when you need something laminated quickly.

It’s a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to using the industrial-sized laminators found in school copy rooms. Simply slide your document into the laminating pocket, feed it through the laminator, and you’re done!

These laminators are great for protecting important papers and creating reusable resources.

7. Personal Paper Trimmer

A personal paper trimmer, such as the Fiskars brand, is perfect for quick and easy paper cutting. It’s a handy tool when you need to cut small projects, like task cards, in a pinch.

You can use it to prepare materials for small groups or differentiate activities. Just be mindful of the students’ age and ability if you decide to let them use it.

8. Astro Brights Colored Paper

Astro Brights colored paper is ideal for printing important handouts, newsletters, or announcements. It adds a special touch to your materials and can be particularly helpful for activities that require differentiation or stand out in some way!

You can also let students use the colored paper for special projects or during indoor recess.

astro brights class gift

9. Chart Paper with Adhesive Backing

Chart paper with adhesive backing, like the Post-It Chart Paper, is a teacher’s best friend when it comes to creating anchor charts.

After completing an activity with students, stick the chart paper to bulletin boards around the room. This helps decorate your classroom while displaying valuable learning material.

Additionally, showcase student work on your bulletin boards to celebrate their achievements.

anchor chart paper

10. Neon Color Dry Erase Pockets

Finally, these neon color dry erase pockets are incredibly versatile and reusable. They are perfect for stations, especially when paired with task cards and recording sheets.

Use them in small groups or for word work activities. Students will enjoy the interactive element, and you’ll appreciate their practicality and ease of use.

Conclusion – Teacher Supplies

There you have it—my favorite teacher supplies for a fun and engaging classroom! Whether you’re setting up your classroom for the new school year or looking to refresh your teaching materials, these handy items will make your life as a teacher more organized and enjoyable.

I hope you found some new ideas to consider, and if you haven’t already, be sure to try out these teacher supplies in your classroom. Wishing you a fantastic school year ahead!

kirsten hammond

Kirsten is a former 3rd and 5th grade teacher who loves helping upper elementary teachers by creating resources and sharing ideas that are engaging, research-based, and TEKS-aligned. She is a work-from-home mama of 3 rambunctious little ones and loves running, true crime, and lots of coffee.

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